Maine Cardiovascular Health Program

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death in Maine. The good news is that most causes of CVD can be prevented! The Maine Cardiovascular Health Program (MCVHP) partners with community organizations, schools, employers, health care providers, and State-level organizations to prevent CVD deaths in our State. We promote a way of life that supports and includes physical activity, healthy eating, being tobacco-free, preventing and controlling high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, and increasing timely care for heart attacks and strokes. This is accomplished by partnering with State-level organizations, providing health education to Maine residents and offering technical assistance, resources, and training to community organizations, health care providers, and employers.

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Our Vision: “Heart Healthy and Stroke-Free in Maine”

The overall program goal is to reduce death, disability, and health care costs due to heart disease and stroke among Maine citizens.

There are four programmatic goals:

Goal 1 – Build an infrastructure and capacity at the State and local levels to improve cardiovascular health and quality of life through the prevention, detection, and treatment of biological risk factors; early identification and treatment of heart attacks and strokes; and prevention of recurrent cardiovascular events.

Goal 2 – Facilitate the coordination and collaboration amongst public, private, and voluntary organizations for cardiovascular health promotion and disease prevention.

Goal 3 – Develop supportive policies and environments that prevent tobacco use and promote quitting, promote physical activity, encourage healthy eating and maintenance of a healthy weight, and prevent and control high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

Goal 4 – Identify and eliminate disparities related to cardiovascular disease and related risk factors.

  • The MCVHP has prioritized populations that are especially harmed by CVD, including low-income residents especially in rural counties, Native Americans, women fifty and older, and persons with diabetes.

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Peter Hurst
Program Director

Shannon Sims
Health Educator/Project Officer
Physical Activity, Nutrition, Overweight/Obesity

Faith Gregory

Jade Harvey
Cardiovascular Health Specialist
Control of Blood Pressure and Blood Cholesterol, Use of Chronic Care Model to Address Chronic Disease, Priority Populations: Women, Diabetes

Cameron Sanders
Cardiovascular Health Specialist
Emergency Medical Systems and Public Awareness for Heart Attack and Stroke

Kieran Gardiner
Worksite Health Coordinator

Grace Martin, M.P.P.
Public Policy Development

Aimee Rice, M.S.
Worksite Health Manager

Sam Burke
Project Officer for Healthy Maine Partnerships

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