Financial Health of State of Maine, USA

Financial Health of State of Maine, USAFinancial health is the resilience of the financial system to economic shocks and its smooth and efficient functioning.

Financial health indicators

Financial health indicators are the integrity of statistical data that characterize the financial state and stability of the country’s financial system, its corporate sector and households. These indicators were developed by the International Monetary Fund with the support of other international organizations. The main motivation for creating such a system of indicators was the presence of a comparable field of indicators characterizing the financial stability of all countries on an international scale, and the availability of such indicators for analysts.

Economy of Maine

The mainstay of Maine’s modern economy is agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding, forestry, and the pulp and paper industry. In recent decades, the state has developed rapidly and successfully tourism, as well as high-tech, knowledge-intensive industries.

Maine’s main agricultural crops are potatoes (the northernmost district of the state, Aroostook, is especially famous for its potato crops), cereals (mainly fodder corn and oats), and legumes. The state grows fruits and berries (apples, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries). Maine ranks first among all US states in terms of blueberry production, and a quarter of this extremely popular berry in the United States is grown here. Maine is one of the largest producers of traditional New England maple syrup and sugar.

Maine farmers breed cattle, pigs and poultry. A lot of dairy products and eggs are produced here. Farming of valuable species of fish (salmon, trout) is also widespread.

Commercial fishing plays an important role in the Maine economy; cod, flounder, haddock, and herring are caught in coastal waters. Maine is the leader in the United States for the production of lobsters, and is also famous for its other seafood (mussels, crabs, sea urchins).

Do people need a quick cash in Maine?

Quick cash services are very sought after and Maine is not an exception in the list of US states. But it is also gaining a great popularity online services offering different financial products such as quik cash Omaha, payday loans Maine, installment loans, title loans, etc. The difference of online services from an offline one is the convenience of the procedure itself. You need only an access to the computer and Internet. It takes several minutes to submit an application. No certificates are required to confirm your income rate that’s why many Maine citizens prefer using such online services.

Top 10 companies of Maine

Here’s a look at the top 10:

  • Support Enforcement & Recovery;
  • Mainehealth;
  • L.L.Bean;
  • University of Maine System;
  • Idexx Laboratories;
  • Hannaford Supermarkets;
  • Maine;
  • Cianbro;
  • WEX;
  • CMMF.

10 Good Financial Habits to Start in 2021

Many people postpone changes until the beginning of a new year. So, it’s time to get new financial habits that will definitely come in handy in the new year 2021. 1. Start keeping track of income and expenses In order not to waste all your money on Christmas tinsel or ginger latte, start controlling your expenses and income. This can be done using financial planning services, a simple spreadsheet in Excel, or in a notebook. Accounting for expenses and income will help you understand what you spend your money on, what expenses could be avoided, and how much you could save for a major purchase.

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Successful Collaboration of 2 Companies

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