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Maine Physical Activity & Nutrition Program

The Maine Physical Activity & Nutrition Plan 2005-2010

The Maine PAN Plan is intended for health professionals, business leaders, the food industry, policymakers, educators, the media, and citizens to use as a guiding document to improve the health and well-being of Maine people.


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Table Of Contents


  1. Executive Summary
  1. Introduction
  1. Profile of Maine
  1. Burden of Poor Nutrition, Physical Inactivity, Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases
  1. The Benefit of Improved Nutrition and Physical Activity
  1. Local Intervention Sites
  1. Existing Resources and Initiatives to Implement the Maine PAN Plan
  1. Vision, Mission, Goal, Obectives and Strategies
    A. Youth Objectives and Key Strategies

    B. Adults Objectives and Key Strategies

  1. Training and Technical Assistance to Implement the Maine PAN Plan
  1. Evaluation of the Maine PAN Plan
  1. Appendices