Successful Collaboration of 2 Companies

December 26, 2018

Healthy Maine Partnerships include many different companies in the alliance the most significant of which is Bend Pill Box Pharmacy. The widest line of medications is presented in this pharmacy: hygiene products and cosmetics for skin and hair, medical products, dietary supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes.

All products are produced by the most well-known pharmaceutical companies with the purpose of distributing high-quality products at a reasonable price on the market. We value our name, therefore the companies we are working use only safe high-quality materials and natural ingredients in the products’ production. Our products are manufactured at enterprises that have passed a rigorous selection.

This is the reason why you should be confident in the quality and excellent properties of our products. And the prices will pleasantly surprise you!Healthy Maine Partnerships

The first stage in partnership

The initial stage of creating such a partnership was associated with one of the greatest demands to provide people with high-quality medical assistance. The first agreement was signed in 2001, becoming an experienced pattern in developing advanced marketing technologies. After the successful development of the marketing policy, the management of the company decided to expand the agreement.

Bend Pill Box Pharmacy

Online pharmacy from Canada is constantly expanding. The main principles of work aimed at achieving maximum customer convenience were formed. This pharmacy takes all the efforts to expand the product range, improve the quality of service, create easy navigation of sales, and offer innovative services.

Innovative Pharmaceutical Market

The main focus of our pharmacy was the open form of the display, which was a very innovative step. However, for buyers who are accustomed to buying drugs face-to-face, the possibility of self-selection of the drugs was very convenient. The highly qualified pharmacy staff is always ready to give the necessary advice and help determine the right choice.

An important step in shaping the corporate identity of these 2 partners was the rebranding, which contributed to the creation of its new image, increasing the attractiveness and recognition of such a collaboration. The basis for the cooperation was the idea that every person can and should live a full and harmonious life, feeling attractive and healthy.

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